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The windsor knot is not as common to see as simple knots and double knots to tie, is indeed a knot to wear on special occasions, it is very large so it is preferable to perform with large necks.

How to make a windsor knot to tie? 
First close the last button on your collar, the widest part of your tie should be longer than the thinner side when placing it on your neck. 

Step 1: Cross the wide end of the tie over the thin part, keep the junction formed and has a buckle up thick bottom and bending.
Step 2: Bring the thickest part to the opposite side under the cross, you have another buckle up the thickest part of the tie and bend it.
Step 3: Slide the wide end horizontally on the narrow side.
Step 4: Slide vertically below the wide part of the tie, stretch and slide the wide split of the formed buckle.
Step 5: Keep a firm hand and pull gently thin the thick part to adjust his tie knot and your neck.

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